Swarm services

Warning: This is a stale document and may contain outdated information. Refer to the API docs for updated classes and method signatures.

Starting with Engine version 1.12 (API 1.24), it is possible to manage services using the Docker Engine API. Note that the engine needs to be part of a Swarm cluster before you can use the service-related methods.

Creating a service

The APIClient.create_service method lets you create a new service inside the cluster. The method takes several arguments, task_template being mandatory. This dictionary of values is most easily produced by instantiating a TaskTemplate object.

container_spec = docker.types.ContainerSpec(
    image='busybox', command=['echo', 'hello']
task_tmpl = docker.types.TaskTemplate(container_spec)
service_id = client.create_service(task_tmpl, name=name)

Listing services

List all existing services using the APIClient.services method.

client.services(filters={'name': 'mysql'})

Retrieving service configuration

To retrieve detailed information and configuration for a specific service, you may use the APIClient.inspect_service method using the service’s ID or name.


Updating service configuration

The APIClient.update_service method lets you update a service’s configuration. The mandatory version argument (used to prevent concurrent writes) can be retrieved using APIClient.inspect_service.

container_spec = docker.types.ContainerSpec(
    image='busybox', command=['echo', 'hello world']
task_tmpl = docker.types.TaskTemplate(container_spec)

svc_version = client.inspect_service(svc_id)['Version']['Index']

    svc_id, svc_version, name='new_name', task_template=task_tmpl

Removing a service

A service may be removed simply using the APIClient.remove_service method. Either the service name or service ID can be used as argument.